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Avid Creative
Jilly 1318921783

Avid Creative gave our company the best advices regarding the design and everything, I am really very happy that my boss chose them, they are extremely professional and results are great!
The Licensing Partners
Debora 1317651963

A team of real professionals who provide an excellent assistance for your business. Highly recommend them!
Accelerate UK
Linda 1317281811

I attended one of Accelerate UK courses and I am very satisfied with the provided training! Everything was organized well and the trainers were amazing!
Sandler Training Hampshire & Sussex
Oscar 1317041409

A team of excellent specialists has helped us with a re-branding of our company as well assisting us in obtaining new clients. We would recommend them without reservation.
DermaErase Skin Solutions
Joana 1317033887

Really professional service and excellent customer care! Highly recommend and definitely will use again!
Futurestate Solutions Ltd
Green 1316434523

At first I found it hard to believe they could make a difference, I am glad to say I was wrong. I never considered looking at my business in the way they suggested. Very bright and innovative ideas that help your business to develop more rapidly than you have expected. Absolutely professional approach that I highly recommend!
Voz Media
Don 1316421041

A team of real experts full of bright and innovative ideas.I can't recommend their services highly enough!
Marykay Beauty Consultant
Illayda 1316088334

I have used the services of Marykay beauty consultant in order to give special something for my mother's birthday. I am positive I will use them again. My mother likes the products very much and I was surprised by the competence of the consultants.
Patrick 1315988591

I love my t-shirt. It turned out exactly as i wanted, to the very last detail. Thanks a bunch, guys!
Diamond Computers
Sarah 1315484051

I started small business and I needed a computer consultant, Diamond Computers were recommended to me. I am very satisfied with their services!
RAK Consultants Ltd
Rachel 1315380012

RAK Consultants' advice and strategic recommendations have been excellent and most beneficial to us. I'd have no hesitation referring them when any kind of business is concerned. Thanks!
Mailsure IT Support
David 1315208749

I can always count on them if I need professional IT support. Really precise and efficient in their job!
Anatrol Ltd
Money Owed 1315065147

Anatrol Ltd changed its name to Bordpan in March 2011 then put that into administration owing over 400,000. Staff and suppliers have not been paid this year. Only do business on a pro-forma basis They have now changed the company name to Anatrol UK Ltd and have bought back the assets for 15k in a prepack sale and started trading having walked away from their debt. Be very careful when dealing with this company and ensure you get your money up front, don't make the mistake that I did. The administrators report has been posted on the internet, search for "anatrol in administration"
Staysafe UK Ltd
Timmy 1314966051

I think that the people from Staysafe are really good professionals , because they gave us the best offer for the fire sprinkler systems. They also installed it and took care of everything! I am very pleased with their job!
Axia Computer Systems Ltd
Max 1314962825

I was advised by an employee of my company to chose Axia Computer Systems for all the assistance and consulting I need for my business and now I can say that I had never received a better advice! They are great professionals and kind people I recommend them !
Lakewood IT Support
Mark 1314962187

Since for the IT support I trust Lakewood there are no more troubles, I waste no nerves , time and money! This was one of the best choices I have done in my business!
The Pertinax Partnership
Robert 1314887397

They can always offer you some great solutions for your business. I received professional assistance to develop a successful marketing plan for my company.I cannot recommend them highly enough!
First Aid Today UK Ltd
Sidney 1314884857

They offered really wonderful and innovative solutions for your business.Professional approach and high-level service.Highly recommend!
Raven Consulting
Smith 1314880672

Strategic thinking and very professional approach! Exceptional service!
KR Asscoiates
Rich 1314874538

They really offer highest quality services in the area of environmental testing and consultancy services.Highly recommend!

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